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Why RIHANNA & I Can’t Get Enough of DA SILVANO

Fried Calamari at Da Silvano ...
Fried Calamari at Da Silvano …

If you follow the steps of superstar RIHANNA, then you already know whenever my friend is in New York City, the pop diva is seen either exiting or returning to her and MY favorite Manhattan Italian restaurant – DA SILVANO.

Located in Manhattan’s trendy and tony West Village, Da Silvano features luxe and rich authentic Italian pasta dishes that are perfectly cooked al dente with savory meats, flavorful sauces, and spicy seasonings that keep New Yorkers raving about this hip restaurant!

The charming owner Silvano Marchetto‘s daily appearance in full European flair makes visiting the rustic yellow-framed eatery extra special.  Deciphering his words through his thick italian accent is part of the fun while choosing from the mouthwatering Tuscan cuisine menu items that are undeniably fresh and made in house!

Taglierini Contadina
Taglierini Contadina

The taglierini contadina is both a favorite of mine and Rihanna’s!  The creamy dish with hot sausage and peas is my go-to… I don’t know if I can ever visit Da Silvano and not order this fantastic masterpiece!

Rigatoni Bolognese
Rigatoni Focaccia

The rigatoni focaccia features a healthy dose of fresh pasta tossed with double smoked bacon, sage, rosemary, garlic, white wine, cream and tomato!  It is heavenly sent and is loaded with texture and taste, body and warmth!

Pesto Pasta
Linguine al Pesto

The linguine al pesto is another Da Silvano signature dish that doesn’t disappoint!

Da Silavno's delicious Tiramisu
Da Silavno’s delicious Tiramisu

While most pastas at Da Silvano range between $18-$20, one can dine there without breaking the bank… But throw in some appetizers, cocktails and dessert and you’re paying somewhere between $50 – $100 per person.  The bill can rise quickly at Da Silvano, so be aware… But if you do do dessert, try the Tiramisu.  Da Silvano’s italian authenticity shines in each dish, but there’s something extra special about their tiramisu that is a sweet stirring of the soul, unlike any other!

I love Da Silvano, and now you can see why Rihanna and I just can’t get enough!


Superstar Rihanna, leaving Da Silvano in New York City
Superstar Rihanna, leaving Da Silvano in New York City


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