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Why CELEBRITIES Can’t Get Enough of CIPRIANI’S!!!

Every celebrity, and I do mean practically EVERY celebrity dines at CIPRIANI in New York City. Chic and elegant settings, authentic and delicious Italian fare, fancy and luxe presentations, and the who’s who of the Manhattan dining scene continue to make this legendary restaurant THE place for star-gazing and an ultimate feast.

The Steak Tartare at Cipriani
The Steak Tartare at Cipriani

Owner and heir Giuseppe Cipriani’s rolodex must look like that of a Hollywood agent.  Having been known for bedding some of the world’s most beautiful women, it’s no wonder supermodels like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, entertainers like Leo DiCaprio, Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey as well as other Hollywood publicists, agents and producers find Cipriani’s a haven for indulgent treats!

Whether at the Soho location on West Broadway or midtown at the crux of 59th Street and 5th Avenue, Cipriani staff caters to the whim of Birken-carrying blondes and bloated belly  international wheelers and dealers.

I stopped in the other day for a lavish dinner and ordered some of their most delicious menu items.  Best known for their in-house perfectly al-dente pastas, Cipriani’s is also credited for creating the “bellini,” a sweet Euro cocktail of champagne and peach schnapps.

Fresh salads and vegetables are alluring for diets, but the tartares are excellent, the breads electrifying, and the meats are enticing at Cipriani’s!  Check out these images, below, and you too can see why, although pricey, Cipriani’s an opulent choice for any foodie, and a staple for any and EVERY celebrity!

Cipriani's Tuna Tartare appetizer
Cipriani’s Tuna Tartare appetizer
Roasted Chicken at Cipriani's
Roasted Chicken at Cipriani’s
Carbonara (although not on the menu) as prepared by Cipriani's for me!
Carbonara (although not on the menu) as prepared by Cipriani’s for me!
Taglioni Bolognese at Cipriani
Taglioni Bolognese at Cipriani






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