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Where To Eat In JAMAICA: SCOTCHIES Jerk Chicken, Montego Bay

Scotchie's Jerk Chicken and Dumpling
Scotchie’s Jerk Chicken and festival

A hop, skip and a jump away from the Montego Bay International Airport is a chicken shack known as SCOTCHIES, frequented by incoming and outgoing tourists as well as locals looking for authentic Jamaican jerk chicken or pork with sides and other menu items representing some of the best roadside cuisine the island has to offer.  Hands down a favorite by anyone who has visited, Scotchies has a few locations on the island, and has garnered fans worldwide for their mouth-watering food!

Scotchies Menu
Scotchies Menu

Upon arriving at Scotchies, the aroma of grilled meats – pork sausages, chicken and fish – glides across your nostrils and instantly you are gravitating toward a seat at one of the patio tables or at the outdoor bar where birds are also scramble for a good spot in hopes of tasting a succulent morsel of whatever may come from the back kitchen (aside from pork and chicken, Scotchies menu offers delectable sides, including corn, rice & peas, yams, festival and soups).

A rustic setting with an island breeze, and everything under $10, Scotchies makes for an easy, affordable and bona fide Jamaican experience whether as a first stop on the island, a final meal before boarding a plane, or as a lunch break between sight-seeing.

Jerk Chicken from Scotchies in Montego Bay!
Jerk Chicken from Scotchies in Montego Bay!

Cooked over pimento tree wood, the chicken at Scotchies is juicy and distinct.  Loaded with signature Jamaican seasonings, the sauces are spicy and the meats are served in foil and sided with sweet, buttery and crispy dumplings!

I spent a few days in Jamaica this year, and decided to close out 2014 with some of the best places to eat and visit when you’re in one of the best islands in the world!  Be sure to check out Burgers & Bourbon all week long for some of my favorite suggestions on WHERE TO EAT IN JAMAICA!




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