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What To Order: @ JOE’S, Washington DC

Joe's Chopped Seafood Salad
Joe’s Chopped Seafood Salad …
JOE’S SEAFOOD in Washington DC is the cousin to Miami’s legendary Joe’s Stone Crab.  But the nation’s capital version is a bit more regal than the casual Washington Avenue original that still attracts lunchtime tourists in shorts.

Joe’s Washington DC is glamorous restaurant that features oak-size marble columns, lush leather banquettes, suited up servers, polished wooden decor, white linens, a lavish bar, and creamy lighting meant to soothe the soul!  Located at 750 15th Street, NW, Joe’s is ideal for mega politicians, power attorneys, lobbyists and downtown DC’s swanky elite.

Joe's Bread Basket
Joe’s Bread Basket

The bread basket is a diverse indicator of the goodness to come at Joe’s.  Warm and fluffy mixed biscuits, buns, and sticks make the basket easy to share, fun to choose, and exciting to see…

Joe’s Seafood Chopped Salad is an opus of delicious diced lettuce,  corn and other vegetables topped with Alaskan King Crab, lobster, and shrimp, paired with a velvety and creamy vinaigrette. Light and flavorful, Joe’s fusion is a masterpiece – great for sharing or ordering as a healthy meal option!

Oysters Rockefeller
Oysters Rockefeller

The Oysters Rockefeller are $14.95 and worth every cent.  Four thick and buttery oysters topped with spinach and hot melted cheese make this appetizer a MUST have for any patron looking for something different, warm, and rich!

Stuffed Shrimp at Joe's
Crab Stuffed Shrimp at Joe’s

Joe’s is pricey.  With only soups and salads under $10, it’s best to go to Joe’s when money is no object, so such menu items as the signature stone crabs (claws only), deluxe lunch sandwiches, scallops, prime steaks,  fried platters and stuffed fishes can be ordered with unabashed intent.

Joe’s Crab Stuffed Shrimp is another creamy dish that is meant for the Gods!  Jumbo lump crabmeat gently stuffed into four jumbo shrimp and topped with a cream sauce that is excellent for dipping bread or swiping through with a vegetable side dish (I used asparagus).

In any event, Joe’s will add plenty of joy and excitement to DC’s ever-evolving restaurant growth, and it’s an upscale spot that will please any foodie or any body just looking for a fantastic meal with outstanding service!

Joe’s is open for lunch and dinner Sunday – Saturday.



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