Star Gazing & Rubbing Elbows with MEDIA ELITE for Wednesday LUNCH @ MICHAEL’S, NYC | Burgers and Bourbon with BJ Coleman

Star Gazing & Rubbing Elbows with MEDIA ELITE for Wednesday LUNCH @ MICHAEL’S, NYC

Salmon Caesar at Michael's ...
Salmon Caesar at Michael’s …

On any given day at Manhattan’s legendary media-heavy restaurant MICHAEL’S, one can spot someone famous from television, magazines, or newspapers including Kathie Lee, Hoda, Anna Wintour, or Emil Wilbekin!  But go on a Wednesday, and it’s like being at the Emmys!  I went in on Wednesday, September 18th, and there was talk show queen Wendy Williams with her parents, Cosmopolitan editor in chief Joanna Cole, Calvin’s ex Kelly Klein, Today Show weatherman Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts (although at separate tables) and even Star Jones with two gorgeous female companions!  Lunch at Michael’s is always a treat, but Wednesday’s are like networking heaven, if you can get a reservation!

Michael's Classic Cheesburger
Michael’s Classic Cheesburger

The food at Michael’s is just as elegant and swanky as the decor.  Located at 24 West 55th Street, between 6th and 5th Avenues, Michael’s recently launched a new menu, but it’s still an all-american paradise of deluxe sandwiches, green salads, rich soups, fine wines, clean fish, perfect pastas and savory meats!  The courteous staff and gallant waiters keep media patrons returning again and again for scrumptious dining and elbow rubbing.

Inside the burger!
Inside the burger!

I ordered the caesar salad and topped it with salmon!  Fresh and crisp, it was wonderful with a glass of white wine.  The burger was deluxe and topped with a sesame seed bun!  Served with Michael’s bounty of signature shoestring fries, the meal was succulent and lavish – and it was just a burger and fries!  The fresh greens and tomato, the perfectly cooked juicy beef, the toasted bun, and gooey gruyere made it succulent and pleasant!  Michael’s may have a new menu, but they knew to keep their burger just as it was – FLAWLESS!

I ended up rubbing so many elbows at Michael’s that Wednesday, my arms are still raw!  I love lunch at Michaels, not just for the food and entertainment, but simply because it’s just one of New York’s best restaurant’s – period.




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