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Unique & Sophisticated Dining @ JUVIA, Miami

Oysters on the Half Shell at Juvia...
Oysters on the Half Shell at Juvia…
JUVIA is one of those rare restaurants where culinary masterpieces meet contemporary glamour in sheer sexiness, ultra sophistication, and seductive sensuality that beat with the heart of Miami’s posh and elite.  The modern purple and cream penthouse space features sleek rooftop dining with spectacular views of Miami’s pulsating beats (and I’m not talking about music, folks), green-leafed walls, and dishes that fuse the trinity of French, Japanese and Peruvian cooking!

Wealthy and beautiful Europeans and Middle Easterners dine on dates, with their families (beware of screaming children) and mingle at the bar amongst dim lighting, thumping music, and hot bustling servers!

Rock Shrimp Tradito
Rock Shrimp Tradito

Like all of the servings at Juvia, the oysters on the half shell are much smaller in size than expected, but indeed fresh and delicious!  The various options of oysters and sauces, let alone appetizers themselves are plentiful and pleasing.  Cold or Hot, there’s something for everyone at Juvia where cuisine is taken to a whole new meaning with the instant taste of fresh ingredients, the beautiful and well portioned presentations, and the convenient collaboration of global flavors, techniques, and styles!  Put simply, Juvia is everything Miami is meant to be, and then some!

Duck Dumplings
Duck Dumplings

The duck dumplings are titillating to taste!  Moist, rich, and small, they are light and easy starters, and made for a perfect and delicious appetizer!

Pan Seared Duck Magret
Pan Seared Duck Magret

For my main dish I feasted on the pan-seared duck magret – a fancy way for referring to force-fed duck for foie gras fattening… Served with brussels sprouts, shitake mushrooms and a mandarin reduction, the duck is sweet and fragrant.  Served in a portion size meant for a petite old lady, I was a bit underwhelmed upon first sight, but after digging in, the only thought that crossed my mind was, “Where is this recipe?”  It was amazing!  By the time I got to the last bite, I figured, placed in a multi-course meal, the portion is indeed sufficient.

Roasted Chicken Vadouvan
Roasted Chicken Vadouvan

The roasted chicken is out of this world.  Another small and dainty dish, it is deeply enhanced by a savory au jus and served with cipollini onions that give the dish bite and vitality!

Key Lime Dessert at Juvia
Key Lime Pie Dessert at Juvia

As if the scenery and the food are not enough at Juvia, dessert comes in its own special form.  What I thought was going to be traditional key lime pie, is actually the most ingenious dessert I have ever seen or tasted.  I can’t even remember what this dessert was exactly, but it consists of thick freeze-dried meringue sticks, with a tart mandarin and lime cold and cream-like center based with moist cookies cubes on the bottom… Sweet and decadent, mix the ingredients all in one bite, and the sensation of a key lime pie is evident in the most special way!  It may take a couple of bites to really get into this dessert, but once your mind is open, the pleasantry of discovering the refreshing authenticity of something new is just as gratifying as the sweet and melting sugar on the tongue.

Juvia is pricey, but is money well spent.  Located on Lincoln Road, if you’re on the pricey strip, you’re gonna spend money.  Make it a good investment with one of the best dining experiences of your life and go to Juvia!







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4 comments to “Unique & Sophisticated Dining @ JUVIA, Miami”

  • Wendy, April 26, 2013 at 2:11 pm
    Juvia looks delicious and I would love to try the Key Lime Pie - it looks so different from what I'm use too!!
  • Madison, April 30, 2013 at 4:40 pm
    Key Lime Pie here is so uniquely created... Hm.. POSSIBLE BDAY LOCATION :-)
  • Alyson, April 30, 2013 at 5:53 pm
    Hmm.. Never heard of duck dumplings.. Sounds tasty
  • Bernard, April 30, 2013 at 5:54 pm
    Did you say Miami? Say no more! I'm definitely giving this place a try ASAP