The TOP 5 FAST FOOD BURGERS of ALL TIME | Burgers and Bourbon with BJ Coleman


#5 - McDonald's Cheeseburger
#5 – McDonald’s Cheeseburger
McDONALDS Cheeseburger has become an American classic.  Sure, the patty is limp and it kinda tastes funny, but the chopped onions, cheese, ketchup and soft bun combination save this burger and make it a delicious, simple and quintessential fast food burger.

#4 - The Fatburger
#4 – The Fatburger
FATBURGER is not everywhere just yet, but it surely on it’s way!  With new locations blooming in New York, the once West-Coast-only chain will no doubt become a national favorite with their oversized, juicy and filling burgers!  Quality and fresh ingredients make them stand out, but for some reason their burgers are never piping hot, although they are indeed made to order.

#3 - Burger King's WHOPPER
#3 – Burger King’s WHOPPER
BURGER KING‘s Whopper is one of the best creations ever.  Satisfying, flavorful, and always up to date with new trends and ingredients, the Whopper is by far one of America’s best fast food burgers!  Consistently good, the Whopper is a great standard size burger that easily satisfies any craving for America’s favorite sandwich.  It’s rich and hearty with a signature charbroiled flavor that just can’t be beat!

#2 Five Guys
#2 Five Guys

The FIVE GUYS burger is unlike any other burger on the market.  Quality ingredients and made to order burgers keep this chain growing and growing.  Juicy patties topped with piled high ingredients on a sinfully soft bun with melted cheese galore send taste buds soaring and keep stomachs full.  But one of the great things about this chain is not only their burgers, but their delicious and abundant french fries servings are off the chart!  I love this place, and if I could would build one in my house!

#1 - The In-N-Out Burger
#1 – The In-N-Out Burger

When it comes to burger quality, freshness, taste and flavor, nobody does it better than IN-N-OUT!  The west coast chain delivers the best fast food burger in the nation!  Simple made-to-order burgers with crisp ingredients create the ultimate sandwich.  The poutine style Animal Fries are the prefect accompaniment, but this burger also comes in a low-cal form – wrapped in lettuce!  It’s an amazing burger with quality and personality that boasts some of the freshest bites you’ll ever taste!  In-N-Out will forever remain supreme when it comes to a quality and outstanding fast food burger!





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