THE FACTS: Why McDonald’s ENGLISH McMUFFIN Isn’t Too Bad

McDonald's English McMuffin and Hash Brown

This morning, after a grueling and intense one-hour cross-training workout with my trainer, Justin Case of The Underground Athlete in Fairfax, Virginia, I was famished!  I pulled up and entered the McDonald’s drive thru on Fairfax Boulevard and ordered the #1 – The English McMuffin Meal!

Normally, I’d feel guilty for ordering fast food right after a work out, but I remembered reading in Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness that the English McMuffin isn’t a bad breakfast!  With only 319 calories, the English McMuffin 14 grams of fat and 21 grams of protein!  It’s actually a great option for muscle building after a work out – although Justin and most trainers would probably disagree.  For those of us who just can’t stay away from fast food, or those who are trying to transition their diet, the English McMuffin makes for a non-guilty breakfast that will satisfy those greasy and fast food needs, without binging or doing too much damage!

And while my taste buds yearned for a sausage biscuit, I am proud of myself for keeping it as clean as possible.  But I will admit, I should have totally omitted the hash brown… But hey, the flesh is weak.



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1 comment to “THE FACTS: Why McDonald’s ENGLISH McMUFFIN Isn’t Too Bad”

  • CoCo, June 27, 2012 at 2:47 pm
    I like your honesty BJ and LOVE the fact that you don't fool us with what you actually eat (you didn't have to mention the hash brown). I love McDonald's too from time to time!