The Daily Dish – Sushi & Peking Duck @ RUBY FOO’S

Ruby Foo's Roasted Peking Duck
Ruby Foo’s Roasted Peking Duck with buns and cucumber …

Back in college, at the turn of the millennium, I actually used to be the maitre’d at the now-closed RUBY FOO’S upper west side.  I was so good at placing guests to their seats, mediating between servers and managers, and answering the phones to take reservations, B.R. Guest (the then parent company) asked me to help open up the Times Square location, which still stands today.

And while B.R. Guest no longer runs things at Ruby Foo’s (they recently sold it), and the West 70’s location is closed, the menu, the service, and the opulent decor remain the same in Times Square, where the fusion of Asian flavors and the highly detailed and resplendent decor keep tourists, midtown businessmen and the theatre crowds full and happy like Buddha himself.

Located at 1626 Broadway (at 49th Street), ample portions, glazed and seasoned meats, and prices under $30 make Ruby Foo’s ideal for large parties, but it’s also great for intimate sessions or business meetings.  Ribs, wings, dim sum, bento boxes, rice variations, and sushi, there’s something for everyone on their vast menu that never disappoints.

I went in the other day, and ordered some sushi for an appetizer and the peking duck.  Served with buns, a pineapple hoisin sauce, cucumbers and scallions, like everything else at Ruby Foo’s, it was a majestic meal loaded with taste and texture.  I tore up each mini sandwich and relished the soft bun that wrapped the pre-sliced duck.

Ruby Foo’s will always have a special place in my heart.  It’s a Times Square staple, and is must visit for every New Yorker and tourist that stops by the crossroads of the world.


Snowball Roll and another house roll from Ruby Foo's (Can't remember which one the other one is)!
Snowball Roll and another house roll from Ruby Foo’s (Can’t remember which one the other one is)!



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