The DAILY DISH: Rasta Pasta from O’s GRILL SPOT in Crown Heights | Burgers and Bourbon with BJ Coleman

The DAILY DISH: Rasta Pasta from O’s GRILL SPOT in Crown Heights

Rasta Pasta from O's Grill Spot in Brooklyn ...
Rasta Pasta from O’s Grill Spot in Brooklyn …
O’s Grill Spot in Crown Heights, Brooklyn does not have a website, but offers customer reviews of the food and service, while will hook you up with home delivery of O’s. I stumbled upon the easy-to-pass restaurant located at 742 Nostrand Avenue, where images of the menu (fried chicken wings with fried rice, grilled shrimp with lo mein, beef with carrots and broccoli) line the glass window.  Inside, high top tables are lined up randomly to accommodate anyone who would dare eat inside.  Of course, if you choose to eat at O’s, you will wait about 20 minutes for food, during which you cannot help but notice the chipped paint, unsightly customer traffic, and scruffy ambiance.

O's Grill is known for their Rasta Pasta
O’s Grill is known for their Rasta Pasta

Reportedly Bob Marley‘s favorite dish (he supposedly ate it everyday), O’s is known for their Rasta Pasta, a dish of italian origin. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s very popular in Jamaica, and consists of macaroni (or some kind of pasta), tomato sauce, and some weed (basil or otherwise).

I’m not sure if O’s version has marijuana in it or not, but it’s a rich and savory concoction of goodness that will cost somewhere between $10 – $18 depending on which protein you choose to top it with (grilled or fried shrimp, fish, chicken tenders, wings or beef)…

Creamy and decadent O’s rasta pasta is beyond filling.  I threw crushed red peppers on mine and tore it up on my cheat day!

I haven’t had any other Rasta Pasta to compare O’s to, but for a quick bite of something comforting, O’s certainly does not disappoint.



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