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The Daily Dish: Brother Jimmy’s PIG PICK PLATTER

Brother Jimmy's Pig Pick Platter
Brother Jimmy’s Pig Pick Platter

Barbecue chain BROTHER JIMMY’S reigns as one of my favorite BBQ pits in the nation because of their quality cooked meats, signature savory sauces, and ingenious drink concoctions!  But the other day, I stopped by their Union Square location, ready to order a pulled pork sandwich or a shrimp po’ boy, when my dining companion and I ultimately settled on splitting the chain’s PIG PICK PLATTER.

At $26, you can’t beat this deal of FOUR, count ‘em, FOUR choices from Brother Jimmy’s ribs options, pork, brisket and / or chicken!  We got the brisket, pulled pork, dry ribs and the ribs with sauce!  Accompanied with cole slaw and two minute hush puppies, we tore it up!

This dish is a sure crowd pleaser, a money saver, and a delicious pu pu platter of goodness!

I’ve written about Brother Jimmy’s a number of times, but they really celebrate the South with epic proportions in one dish with their Pig Pick Platter – one of my new favorites!

Oh, and I got some black eyed peas with bacon on the side!


Brother Jimmy's Side of Black Eyed Peas with bacon
Brother Jimmy’s Side of Black Eyed Peas with bacon



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