SUSHI: The Philadelphia Roll, AsiaKan, NYC

AsiaKan's Philadelphia & Spicy Blue Crab Rolls

Before I moved to Harlem, I lived on the Upper West Side, and I still order delivery from my favorite Japanese take-out, AsiaKan, located in the West 90s at 710 Amsterdam Avenue!  They come up to Harlem just for me!  But if you’re on the UWS, they are worth checking out!

Last night I ordered the Philadelphia Roll and Spicy Blue Crab Roll and went to bed happy!  The salmon, avocado and cream cheese in the Philadelphia Roll makes it one of the most unhealthiest sushi rolls, but it’s delicious!  I normally order a spicy Tuna to accompany my Philly roll, but last night I opted for the crab with crunch and it was out of this out of this world – perfectly fishy, creamy, crunchy and tightly wrapped!  Simply thinking about it makes me excited to order sushi again!

Sushi from AsiaKan

So if you’re struggling for a lunch idea today, think about Sushi!  It’s light, filling, delicious and semi-healthy!



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2 comments to “SUSHI: The Philadelphia Roll, AsiaKan, NYC”

  • Magnus, October 18, 2011 at 5:36 pm
    What does the Spicy Blue Crab Roll have inside? This looks so good- I'm sure it was great everything you eat is usually great
  • Mrs.Wallace, October 19, 2011 at 11:27 am
    Everyone I know loves the Philadelphia Roll!! I tried it- didn't like it but I would love to try the spicy Blue Crab Roll- it looks so good! You got it like that with AsiaKan? lol I see it pays to frequent a restaurant :-)