STARBUCK’S Turkey & Swiss with Sweet Potato Chips

Starbucks' Turkey & Swiss Sandwich

I’m on the road again!  Yep!  I just pulled out of Manhattan’s Penn Station and am snuggled in my Amtrak seat, headed back to DC.  Normally, I look forward to an Amtrak train ride just for the Cafe Car dining options alone, but today, I stopped by Starbucks before I got to Penn Station and picked up their Turkey & Swiss sandwich which costs me $5.75 and some sweet potato chips!  The total was about $9.

Generally speaking, you already know I find Starbucks food to be pretty decent… No, it’s not made to order, shoot, it’s not even prepped in the morning a la the chain’s better competitors such as Au Bon Pain, but all in all, when on a budget and looking for something quick, Starbucks can satisfy with some pretty healthy alternatives to fast food.

The sandwich was simple.  Soft wheat bread with layers of turkey breast and Swiss cheese with lettuce make for an easy but tasty sandwich.  Mayo and mustard condiment packages come on the side, and after spreading it out, VOILA – you’re sandwich is prepared!

A Starbucks Lunch

Although I was satisfied with the flavor and quality of the sandwich, I must admit, at under 400 calories, the sandwich is awfully small, so I knew I had to grab a bag of chips to round out my meal.  The FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD Sweet Potato chips hit the spot!  Salty, thick, sweet and flavorful, I had never heard of this General Mills brand or even noticed these chips before!  They were DELICIOUS!  The brand specializes in manufacturing all-natural healthy food, and these chips were amazing!  They reminded me of Sun Chips, but better – almost cracker-like, they were the perfect accompaniment to a light and healthy sandwich!

Do you ever lunch at Starbucks?  What’s your favorite sandwich?  And let me know what you think about the Food Should Taste Good brand… I think they’re simply terrific!



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1 comment to “STARBUCK’S Turkey & Swiss with Sweet Potato Chips”

  • Krys, June 29, 2012 at 12:06 pm
    This is so dark! can barley see the sandwich... VOILA!!