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Span The Globe with STARBUCKS’ 3 REGION BLEND!

Starbucks' 3 Region Coffee...
Starbucks’ 3 Region Coffee…
Starbucks has recently brought back their 3 REGION BLEND coffee, and as if it’s beautiful packaging alone couldn’t entice a purchase, a whiff of the roasty coffee that is made of three different beans can surely bring about morning delight with warmth and flavor.

Beans from Latin America, Africa & Asia are carefully chosen to create a medium bodied coffee that is smooth, mild and fresh!

The 3 Region Blend
The 3 Region Blend

I purchased the 3 Region Blend coffee a week ago and have been indulging every morning in the wholesome goodness of Starbucks!   With a sweet undertone and a citrus flavor that lingers on the palette, the 3 Region Blend is an easy and laid back coffee with a subtle eye-opening power that is fine and mellow.  If you brew coffee at home, pick up a bag of the 3 Region Blend… And if you don’t love the bag, at least you’ll love the coffee for its effective boldness and  cool opulence that will easily gratify the coffee lover in you!



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