Restaurant of the Month: CELEBRATE @ Daniel Boulud’s DANIEL, NYC | Burgers and Bourbon with BJ Coleman

Restaurant of the Month: CELEBRATE @ Daniel Boulud’s DANIEL, NYC

An Amuse Appetizer at Daniel of Crispy brioche croutons Shaved asparagus Lemon foam Asparagus custard
An Amuse Appetizer at Daniel of Crispy brioche croutons, shaved asparagus, lemon foam and asparagus custard.
A Celebration of Carrots for an amuse course at Daniel ...
A Celebration of Carrots at Daniel with a trio of shrimp, a carrot puree and smoked salmon…

Tuesday’s post on the opening of Daniel Boulud‘s new Bar Boulud in Boston made me want to have my own celebration for the highly respected french chef who has cooked for everyone including celebrities, the first family, royalty and worldwide high-society.

To celebrate my 34th birthday last month, I treated myself to dinner at DANIEL, Boulud’s twenty-year-old signature restaurant located at 60 East 65th Street.  As if the tony neighborhood are not enough to indicate a night exceptional distinction, one peek inside the grand dining hall at Daniel, and the warm lighting, lush tables, well-blended romantic flair magically fused with contemporary style, and superior service are key indicators why this treasured restaurant has been consistently ranked high on restaurant lists in New York City or across the globe.

Tartare at Daniel
Tuna Tartare at Daniel

The genius of Daniel is not limited in the sole opulence of the ambiance.  Inventive recipes, fresh ingredients, artistic presentations, unrivaled combinations in pre-fixe form where a three-course meal is $125 and a six-course option offered for about $200 (which is not bad for New York City) position Daniel in a league of it’s own!  Reviews from every major food critic have praised the restaurant’s unparalleled swanky ability to create epic masterpieces meant to be relished and indulged.

Shrimp with Artichoke Puree, raisin, pine nuts and arugula

Every bite at Daniel is like a piece of heaven.  The quality of the food is undeniable and the considerate service is superb.  Savory morsels of the restaurant’s brilliant dishes evoke moans of sophisticated satisfaction where the synthesis of flavorful elements impress, jolt and astonish each impeccable course.

Chicken Entree at Daniel
Spit-Roasted Sasso Chicken Breast at Daniel

A pricey treat, Daniel is a great place for a celebration or treat to oneself.  It’s fine dining at its best with an approachable grace that is a must visit for any foodie.

Reservations may be hard to come by, but are well worth any kind of wait.

No need to go into detail on each dish I ordered at Daniel, as the images attached should suffice.  Simply put, Daniel satisfies with succulent temptation that will have you checking your bank account upon departure, just to see when you can make another reservation to visit once more.

Bacon-Wrapped Swordfish at Daniel
Chorizo-Wrapped Swordfish with olives and polenta at Daniel
My vacherin birthday surprise from Daniel
My vacherin birthday surprise from Daniel – Lime-Avocado Sorbet, Cocunut Chantilly Spiced Meringue, and Green Apple-Absinthe Coulis








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