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Power Dining at the FOUR SEASONS RESTAURANT ***June’s Restaurant of The Month***

Lobster Entree as served at dinner at THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant in NYC ...
Fresh Maine Lobster as served at dinner at THE FOUR SEASONS Restaurant in NYC …

Whether it’s business power lunches or celebratory dinners – no matter the time, the occasion, or the meal, there simply is no other dining experience quite like that at the FOUR SEASONS RESTAURANT in New York City.  And while you won’t be there for brunch or breakfast (the Four Seasons is only open after 12pm noon during the weekday), dine in the Pool Room and it’s one of the most luxurious and memorable dining experiences ever!

Often confused with the hotel of the same namesake, there is actually no affiliation between the deluxe accommodation chain and the opulent restaurant located at 99 East 52nd Street in Manhattan.  In fact, the only thing the two establishments have in common, other than the name, is the esteemed prestige that comes with the brands’ legacy, guests, decor, service and class.  The Four Seasons is one fo the few restaurants left that enforces a strict dress code and requires men to wear a blazer.

Fried Oysters at The Four Seasons
Crispy Oysters at The Four Seasons

I dined at the Four Seasons the other night to celebrate the union of two friends.  The intimate dinner served up sophistication and class with familiar recipes, meticulous service, and prices that made every savory bite, every detailed moment and every keen observation worth any and all the extra attention.

The Four Seasons serves a seasonal menu.  But many of their signature dishes remain present and consistent.  The Crispy Oysters are beautiful display of 8 miniature fritters served in the shell with pickled ramps – a crispy and sweet delight that make for a perfect starter.

Soft Shell Crab
Soft Shell Crab
The Soft Shell Crab are a seasonal item.  Go now and they are probably still available!  Sinfully good, two crabs are cut in halves and served over a relished salad.

The Four Seasons’ simple and all-American menu also features an outstanding lobster, dover sole, wild king salmon, steaks, lamb, duck and more for a mouth-watering selection all of which are presented with precision and comprehension.

The Cotton Candy at The Four Seasons
The Cotton Candy at The Four Seasons

The cotton candy served at dessert is a real treat, but the decor alone in the Pool Room is equally exciting and impressive!  There are other options such as cake, pies, sorbets and ice cream, but there’s something extra special with the plate of pink fluffiness arrives at the table with a candle in the center upon completion of the meal!  The dichotomy of the child-like candy in the adult atmosphere is a reminder that the Four Seasons is not as stuffy as it may appear.

The Four Seasons has topped many “Best Restaurant” lists, and is a standout for it’s glamourous midtown appeal, A-list clientele, scrumptious fare, and majestic lure.  Something about dining there is simply magical!




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