NIA LONG’S Poolside Roti, Miami

Nia Long's Poolside Roti & Curry Chicken

There is nothing like sunbathing poolside while swigging on a drink and taking in some bites with friends at a luxurious location!  Such was the case on Saturday afternoon at the swanky MANDARIN ORIENTAL Miami with my good friend, actress Nia Long!  With her adorable 7-month-old son Kez in tow, Nia, who’s best known for such films as Boyz N The Hood, Big Momma’s House, and Soul Food, has a banging body that is already back in perfect form, so there was no need for worry when a special delivery of Caribbean roti and curry chicken was served up by our host team from the Haitian charity, Breakfast with Santa!

Roti is a popular pastry-like bread that is favorite in South Asia and throughout the West Indies.  The fact that Nia has Trinidadian ancestry and that we were at an Asian-themed hotel, I couldn’t have thought of a more apropos poolside meal!  So when Nia offered me a bite, you know I could not resist!

The soft bread is one of my all-time favorites when in Jamaica (shoot, who am I kidding?  I eat it whenever I can find it), and I’m not sure where Saturday’s delivery came from, but it was simply exquisite.  The soft, light and flaky pastry melted in our mouths as we paired it with the chicken and potatoes, drenching every other bite in the curry sauce for flavor and to moisten the spongy bread!

An island and Asian tradition - ROTI

Depending on where the chef is from or who you talk to, there are many ways to make roti.  In Asia it is prepared hardened as a flat bread and in many parts of the world it may come stuffed with chick peas or some kind of meat.  Traditionally the bread is made with wheat-flour, baking salt and water.  It can be sweet, buttery or dull, but any way it is prepared, it is a sure crowd pleaser and is mouth-watering good!

I love roti for it’s unique texture, flavor, and taste!  If you’ve never had it, delay no further and get some soon!  No matter where your ancestry, you, too, will LOVE this bread!

Have you ever tried Roti?  Let me know your thoughts… I’d love to know a good place in NYC that serves it on the regular!  Fill me in, so that next time Nia’s in NYC, I can return the favor and hook her up with one of her favorite home-style meals!




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4 comments to “NIA LONG’S Poolside Roti, Miami”

  • Carline, June 12, 2012 at 2:12 am
    Hello BJ, It was a pleasure meeting you at the Catwalk for Charity Event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel...I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the pictures and hope you enjoyed this Men Pa'w Gourmet Hot Sauce taste sensation, the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Good luck, Carline
  • Kahlie, June 12, 2012 at 9:29 am
    NEGRIL VILLAGE IN NYC! Best carribean food- please review on this restaurant. I haven't been there in a few years (since moved out of NY) but I love it. Upscale setting for home cooked island food! love roti, curry, goat, dumplin...etc. terrific poolside snack- Nia is beautiful, any pics?
    • bjcoleman, June 12, 2012 at 10:40 am
      Hey Kahlie! Thanks for the comment! Pics from Sunday's event will be posted tomorrow! And yes, Nia is in them! She is indeed beautiful! Thanks for the Negril suggestion! YOU ROCK!
  • Sapphire, June 14, 2012 at 10:03 pm
    Glad you enjoyed the roti. Bake & tings in Brooklyn on East 35th st in NY (it's a Trinidadian restaurant). Also try SugarCane restaurant (can't remember the address so google it). At sugarcane you will taste other authentic, REAL Trinidadian food! Matter of fact if you want to eat a REAL finger licking Roti just go to Trinidad! I LOVE your website by the way :)