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Mikes Hard Lemonade - FROZEN
Mikes Hard Lemonade – FROZEN

This past Friday marked the first official day of summer and I was able to keep cool all weekend long thanks to MIKE’S HARD LEMONADE!

Mike’s Hard Lemonade has added an icy chill to its most loved flavors with the new Mike’s Hard Lemonade – FROZEN. All four popular flavors – Mike’s Hard Lemonade – FROZEN, Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade – FROZEN, Mike’s Hard Classic Margarita – FROZEN and Mike’s Hard Strawberry Lemonade – FROZEN – are available now and sold in single 10oz. pouches. Unlike other pouch products, Mike’s FROZEN pouches are non-sticky, thanks to special production technology.  Additionally, Mike’s FROZEN pouches have the smoothest ice crystals for an almost sorbet-like experience.

Mike's Margarita
Mike’s Margarita

Mike’s launched the new Frozen pouches back in April, and sent Burgers & Bourbon a few to try!  The sweltering heat that embedded Manhattan this past weekend reminded me to throw some in the freezer and I indulged in the FROZEN Classic Margarita, the FROZEN Black Cherry Lemonade and the FROZEN Strawberry Lemonade Friday, Saturday AND Sunday… I couldn’t get enough!

Sweet and cold, Mike’s Frozen drinks make for refreshing, innovative and EASY cocktails that serve as the perfect beach accompaniment, last minute company beverage, or an afternoon escape!  Pop them in the freezer for 4-6 hours and slide the frozen concoction in a glass… You may have to run the pouch under some hot water or use a fork to loosen it once in the glass, but once it begins to melt, the slushy goodness is simply paradise!

Mike's Classic Margarita!
Paradise in a Pouch!



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