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Kettle Brand Chips Get HOT With JALAPENO!!!

Kettle Brand's Hot Jalapeno Potato Chips...
Kettle Brand’s Hot Jalapeno Potato Chips…

Had these the other night… They are pretty awesome!  Not much more to say than that!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE KETTLE BRAND CHIPS!  And their HOT Jalapeno flavor is my new favorite!  These potato chips may look like your average sour cream & onion, but I can assure you they are anything but!  Kettle Brand delivers yet again with a snack that is spicy, astringent, salty, and crisp, and frankly, in one word – AMAZING!  Dip them in sour cream or guacamole and the flavors are only intensified!  My one piece of advice is – bring a napkin, otherwise you’ll be licking your fingers throughout the entire bag of goodness!


Jalapeno Chips!
Jalapeno Chips!



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