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HARLEM SHAKE Moves and Grooves Uptown!

Chicken Sandwich
A Deluxe Fried Chicken Sandwich at Harlem’s newest burger joint – Harlem Shake…

If you keep your ears to the beats on the streets of New York City, chances are you’ve been hearing about the new uptown spot HARLEM SHAKE for a few weeks now.  Fresh off the body moving dance craze that recently swept the nation of the same name, Harlem Shake is a 1960′s-style diner with greasy gourmet burgers, buttermilk fried chicken, chili cheese fries, and hot dogs with shakes, malts and floats of all kinds, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and red velvet!  Yes, Harlem Shake serves a Red Velvet flavored milkshake!

Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries

Located on the corner of 124th Street and Lenox Avenue, Harlem Shake joins uptown’s restaurant row, offering delicious menu items with innovative sides, scrumptious sandwich combinations, and decadent sauces that could easily make any stoner jump for joy!

Mint green and white countertops, leather booths, vintage Jet magazine covers lining the walls, and sexy images of afro’d beauties make for a lively space that would be much more comfortable if Harlem Shake was built large enough to accommodate their hugely popular buzz.

If you can endure the line or find a seat, service is friendly and swift.  The costs for speciality sandwiches and deluxe burgers are fairly priced $7 – $10.  Hot dogs are under $6 and the sides are too enticing not to indulge!

French Fries with Jerk Mayo!
French Fries with Jerk Mayo!
Red Velvet Milk Shake
Red Velvet Milk Shake
Cheeseburger bites
Cheeseburger bites as served at the Harlem Shake Opening

When it comes to taste, Harlem Shake does not disappoint.  The burgers are juicy, the hand cut fries are thick and flavorful, and the buttermilk fried chicken thrown on the Deluxe Chicken sandwich was rich, succulent, crispy and satisfying!  Powerfully topped with fresh, thick, and crunchy bacon that sandwich also housed zinging cole slaw on the bottom that provided a refreshing and delightful balance.

If you love burgers, diners, or just good old quick takeout or comfort food, Harlem Shake delivers in every category, transcending typical diner food with a unique and soulful take that is quite apropos for the youthful and diverse neighborhood!  It’s a fun time that is nostalgic and easy dining with a fresh retro feel full of charming details on the menu and in the decor.

Check it out soon, and try their amazing shakes, check out their wall of fame, or just go for a burger, and it will be no surprise why hip New Yorkers are STILL talking about The Harlem Shake!



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1 comment to “HARLEM SHAKE Moves and Grooves Uptown!”

  • ashleybfly, July 1, 2013 at 2:28 pm
    Went in today & tried the chicken sandwich!! IT was soooo good.. I had it with swiss cheese & pickles :) The cole slaw was a bit much but everything else was just GREAT, The atmosphere.. the friendly customer service.. I just loved it! Definitely a returning customer :-)