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Eat Like A Celebrity with VIKI’S GRANOLA

Wanna try eating like a celebrity?  If so, that means a diet loaded with fruits, vegetables and high protein.  But just like the rest of us, celebrities love to indulge, and when on a strict diet, granola becomes a major  go-to for anyone trying to be healthy and satisfy that familiar longing for something sweet, something crunchy, something flavorful or something with all of the above!

Well, move over Bear Naked and Kind, there’s new healthy and delicious granola on the market that is gluten-free, with no sugar added, no preservatives, made with clean ingredients and with minimal sugar!

Unlike other granolas on the market, VIKI’S GRANOLA is “baked with love,” and is free of harder textures and clusters, boasting a fresh, soft, chewy texture with 100% natural ingredients you can pronounce and no artificial aftertaste!


Viki’s Granola sent some samples to our B&B offices (thanks to Chelsea Fuchs at 5wPR), and my team and I tore up these delicious treats that are available in both snack size servings (1.5 ounces at approximately 200 calories) and larger individual bags (standard 12 ounces).  Viki’s offers a great clean taste with crunch and flavor, making it a great snack or a quality side to a sandwich!

With Blueberry Almond and Maple Cranberry as additions to their original flavor, Viki’s offers a nice variety in sizes and bite!

Created by a mom of three with a passion for health and cooking, Viki’s Foods is dedicated to creating foods made from inspiration and high quality ingredients, with health and happiness at the core.  All of Viki’s recipes are “one of a kind culinary art creations,” with a strong emphasis on taste, presentation, and consistency.  The family owned and operated brand prides itself on its approach to maintain traditional, homemade cooking.  As the fastest growing granola on the market, Viki’s believes in doing everything naturally and whole-heartedly. ” Love is our first ingredient.”  For additional information or to find a Viki’s retailer near you, please visit,

Viki and her "made with love" granola!
Viki and her “made with love” granola!



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