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DOMINO’S Pizza’s New Handmade Pan Pizza is $7.99… But Is It Worth It?

Domino’s NEW Handmade Pan Pizza

The other night, in the midst of my Jamaica diet, I had a moment of weakness.  After days of fruits, veggies, oatmeal, greek yogurt, and salads, I longed for something loaded with carbs, salty, crunchy and packed with flavor.  I wanted some pizza!  I knew Papa Johns wouldn’t cut it, so I decided to see if DOMINO’S had anything good to offer for under $20.

Upon stumbling about the world’s most popular pizza chain’s website I got more than I bargained for when I noticed a coupon for a deal they were promoting their new Handmade Pan Pizza.  Domino’s is currently offering a medium two-topping version for only $7.99!  I had to rub  my eyes to make sure I was reading it right… I mean, I had recently been reminiscing the good ol’ days when $10 takeout and delivery was the norm, and couldn’t believe what I was reading!  I hopped on the opportunity to save some money.


I ordered the new handmade pan pizza with mushroom and pepperoni toppings and, like standard Domino’s service, the pizza arrived in about twenty-five minutes.

The new black box made for exciting packaging.  Claiming to be the chain’s best pizza yet, I opened the box and noticed that the pizza was indeed unlike anything I had seen from my beloved Domino’s.  The pizza was way smaller than I had anticipated and where was the edge of the crust?

Upon first bite, I could see that Domino’s new pizza was a bit cheesier, a bit more buttery and a bit more savory.  Although I was disappointed by the lack of pizza edges, the pizza itself packed quite a punch in terms of flavor.  The thick bottom crust gave it a special heartiness and the double layer of cheese made for an excess of unnecessary salt.

The funny thing is, as I devoured slice after slice, I realized that Domino’s new pan pizza had a flavor and consistency familiar to my taste buds.  As I chewed, it became more and more familiar – like that of  PIZZA HUT’S original pan pizza!  As a matter of fact, the latter’s pan version is my all-time favorite pan pizza!  So while Domino’s new spin on their average pizza is touted as their best yet, made by love, never frozen, and guaranteed quality with freshness, it really is just another way of for the popular chain to try to stay ahead of the competition.  It’s interesting to note that since I’ve ordered Domino’s newest pizza, the  insurmountable quanity of television advertising for the affordable deal is hard to miss!

So what’s the takeaway?  Sure, Domino’s New Handmade Pan pizza is a decent pizza for those unfamiliar with a slice from New York, Chicago or Italy, but at $7.99, it’s a safe bet to say, that those who indulge in this new pizza (that probably won’t be around for too long), will certainly do so for price and convenience as opposed to over-hyped advertising.  However, just for the record, I actually like Domino’s original hand crust, thin and pan version pizzas.  So, why can’t they just leave well enough alone and offer their signature pies at such great rates?  Well, in order to stay on top, you have to keep your name out there… If I wanted buttery and delicious pizza like the one photographed above, I’d rather go to Pizza Hut, unfortunately they don’t deliver in Harlem.  Nevertheless, I understand the power of marketing and public relations, but put simply, don’t fix what’s not broken. Due to a lack of choices, I would have ordered Domino’s either way, but would have been much happier had I been able to save some calories and some dough (pun intended) and order a medium thin crust pizza for $5.99 – a deal that doesn’t exist.



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3 comments to “DOMINO’S Pizza’s New Handmade Pan Pizza is $7.99… But Is It Worth It?”

  • Rachell, October 9, 2012 at 9:59 am
    When ordering in, my favorite pizza is Pizza Hut, but I'm really starting to love Domino's. It's getting better and better and the new handmade pan pizza is super yummy and they deliver much faster than Pizza Hut!
  • Phil, October 10, 2012 at 11:01 am
    Actually, Domino's does have a coupon for a medium two topping pizza for $5.99 with either original or thin crust, but to get that price you have to also order a second medium pizza for the same price, or an order of cheesy bread with it.
  • MELISASource, October 10, 2012 at 12:11 pm
    I'm not a huge fan of Domino's (I love Pizza Hut too!!) but this newest pizza offering sure looks and sounds like it's well worth a try! I'll check it out! ~Thanks so much! :)