Celebrating National PASTA MONTH @ CRAIG’S, West Hollywood – October’s Restaurant Of The Month | Burgers and Bourbon with BJ Coleman

Celebrating National PASTA MONTH @ CRAIG’S, West Hollywood – October’s Restaurant Of The Month

Bread Basket at Craigs ...
The warm and luscious Bread Basket at Craigs is one of the best Bread Baskets you’ll ever find …
Grilled Artichoke with a Spicy Aioli at Craigs
Grilled Artichoke with a Spicy Aioli at Craigs ($12)

October is National Pasta Month, and during my visit to Los Angeles last week, I was headed to one of my favorite classic Italian restaurants DAN TANA’S for dinner, but when we got stalled at valet, my dining companion suggested going to the newer, more hip, and celebrity-heavy Dan Tana counterpart – CRAIGS, the Italian restaurant opened in 2011 by former Dan Tana manager Craig Susser.

Located at 8826 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, Craig’s is one of LA’s trendiest restaurants.  Camped out paparazzi, wait-listed reservations, and famous clientele are signature characteristics for this restaurant that has officially made it’s mark on the city’s legendary restaurant bill in only a few years, and last week’s first-time visit proved the hype is well deserved.  George Clooney and Larry King are regulars, Ryan Philippe is an investor, and a bevy of other Hollywood A-listers have already compared eating at Craig’s to Mondays at Morton’s.

Aside from the star gazing, the food at Craig’s is actually delicious.  For starters, the bread basket at Craig’s is one of the best EVER!  Warm, moist and fluffy focaccia and rustic breads make for a perfect doughy starter of carb overload on a menu loaded with comfort foods such as flat-bread pizzas, pasta bolognese, honey truffle fried chicken, steaks and a jalapeno creamed corn (a $12 side).  But Craig’s knows their customer and the menu also features soups, salads and vegan options for LA’s atypical diner. ;)

Truffle Orecchiette Bolognese
Truffle Orecchiette Bolognese ($29)

Exposed brick, white linen table cloths, and an ode to Hollywood’s golden era give Craig an elegant ambiance of ease and sophistication.  Power dining, intimate dates and group affairs fill the tables in the main dining hall, while a lively bar keeps waiting patrons entertained and liquored up with access to the full menu, all under dim lighting, swift service, and indifferent but friendly hospitality.

Craigs' BBQ Baby Back Ribs with slaw and fries
Craigs’ BBQ Baby Back Ribs with slaw and fries ($28)

Pricey but good, going home satisfied is an easy feat at Craig’s where the food is fresh, sauces are decadent, portions are heavy, pairings are classic, and variety is key.  The versatile menu at Craig’s make ordering fun and exciting for sharing or your own personal indulgence.

Craig’s lives up to it’s fancy reputation with an exciting allure backed up by a solid menu of tempting American fare.  Craig’s is a posh restaurant with an old-school Hollywood poise that is the ultimate and perfect spot for in vogue dining in Los Angeles.




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