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Fried Oysters at Corner Social
Buttermilk Fried Oysters at Corner Social…

My favorite Harlem spot CORNER SOCIAL has a new summer menu and I got to try a couple of the new items during a recent visit… I’ve written about Corner Social so much, I won’t go into the decor, the patrons, or everything else that’s hot and sexy about this uptown hip locale… Instead, today, I am only talking food!  (Click the link above or use the B&B search engine to find more coverage of Corner Social).


The fried oysters are back at Corner Social.  For some reason, I had not seen them on the menu.  Perhaps, I overlooked them, but this summer they are back and in full force at Corner Social.  Crispy and flat, these are not the fried oysters of a seafood haven (a la HANK’S OYSTER BAR in Washington DC), but are unchallenging and delicious oysters of an untold origin that make for fun appetizers for those willing to try something new.  Corner Social’s take on fried oysters is a great introduction to this dish as their version is not overwhelming in size or flavor.  But it is indeed the red onion relish and jalapeno mayonnaise that makes this light dish unique, enthusiastic and full of life.

The guacamole was fresh, meaty, creamy and decadent.  Served with blue and classic tortilla chips, it’s another leisured starter that makes for uncomplicated sharing.

Turkey Burger
Turkey Burger

The turkey burger at Corner Social is loaded with goodness… I mean, you can see the photo above, right?  Melted American Cheese, pickles, garlic mayo and seasoned fries is all you could ask for when it comes to gourmet burgers and Corner Social hits the nail on the head with their well-balanced version.

Shrimp Entree
Shrimp Sautee Entree

But Corner Social’s newest stand out dish has to be the Shrimp Sautee. Jumbo shrimp grilled to tender perfection meld beautifully with fully seasoned and grilled asparagus, button mushrooms, and tomatoes!  Aside from the amazing garlic crostini that tops the dish, the Light, savory, warm and hearty recipe is carb-free, making the shrimp sautee an ideal summer dish!  Whether dining al fresco or inside at the bar, the shrimp sautee will not disappoint.  Loaded with explosive taste, distinct textures, and subtle seasonings, the shrimp sautee is my new favorite meal!

So, while Corner Social keeps up with the times through their seasonal menu, I’m happy to report summer 2013 does not disappoint!  The fantastic restaurant is back up to an “A” Health Inspection Grade and the new summer menu is just what the doctor ordered!




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