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HAPPY National Peanut Butter Day!!!

This is so funny!  I’ve been chowing down on peanut butter all week to boost my muscle mass and today is National Peanut Butter Day!!! Created in the 19th century, peanut butter was invented by a doctor as a tooth treatment!  By the mid 20th century it was updated to use as a spread for [...]

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Ask any true foodie and they will tell you how great Truffles are!  Edible truffles are underground mushrooms that are favored among elite diners and are a specialty for French, Spanish and Italian cuisines.  Whether freshly shaved on pasta or burgers, the pungent taste of truffles intensifies the flavor of any meal in an undeniable [...]

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HOLD UP! That Bitch Got Sprinkles???


My cousin Madisyn sent me this image and I thought it was HILARIOUS!  I hope you get just as much of a kick out of it as I did!  Have an awesome weekend and thanks for reading Burgers & Bourbon!!! BJC.

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Meatballs and Octopus at CECCONI’S, Soho House, Miami

Cecconi's Meatballs

The Soho House is an exclusive select club that offers the world’s high-class movers and shakers upscale and private hotel rooms, dining halls, movie screenings and pools.  With an annual $1800 membership, the Soho House has become as known for their tony amenities as they have for their strict members-only policy.  However, unlike their locations [...]

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Hey Guys! Thanks for checking out Burgers & Bourbon!!!  I am on vacation until Monday, January 9th, 2012… Ill be back with new restaurants, food, ideas, recipes and themes!  In the meantime, feel free to check out all of our restaurants and posts from 2011… Use the categories, tags and search engine to get the [...]

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Welcome to CLUB W!!!!


For me, wine is the ultimate in alcohol choices!  I mean, even in Biblical times, wine was the go-to drink!  Whether used as a relaxation technique or an enhancement to a great meal, red or white wines can be a lot of fun to study, drink and buy!  But shopping for wine is not always [...]

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FYI – I’m Dieting…

I’m headed to Miami tomorrow… I’ve been dieting… you don’t want to hear about all my boring fruits and veggies… I should be back tomorrow with an exciting lunch and dinner from my favorite city in the world… Thanks for hanging in there with me…

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Restaurant Review: SETTEPANI, Harlem NYC

Settepani's Lasagna Bolognese

Last night I had dinner in Harlem with CEG (Coleman Entertainment Group) account executive Toni to discuss upcoming business over a nice meal at Settepani, the Mediterranean/Italian restaurant located on 121st Street and Lenox Avenue. Many of my Harlem neighbors and friends rave about this place… I’ve gone a few times and have only found [...]

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Greek Yogurt: CHOBANI vs. FAGE


  By now, we have heard the rage about Greek yogurt!  You know – it’s a good source of protein, and how, if you’re going to eat yogurt, make it greek yogurt.  Well, I’ve been eating Greek yogurt for a few years now, and always grapple with which brand to choose when in the supermarket! [...]

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