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Utz Bar-B-Q Potato Chips are a perfect game day snack!

  February makes winter difficult not because of the slushy and snowy streets, but because of the lack of comfort food in my diet as I prepare for the upcoming summer months… But yesterday was the Super Bowl, so I knew I would treat myself to something naughty, something greasy, and something downright delicious.  Burger [...]

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AMERICAN AIR Packages Up Its NUTS As First Class Falls Prey To THE STRUGGLE!

American Bag of Nuts

Of course, during my recent trip to Miami, I relied on the awesome American Airlines for a comfortable and safe trip, however to my own detriment, the struggle that is plaguing the airline industry has effectively began it’s own gnawing of the exclusive perks of flying first class, and I was left befuddled and hungry during my [...]

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What They Served: @ KEVIN LILES’ New 40/40 Tea Beverage Launch Party!

Pork Sliders as served up at Jay Z hotspot 40/40

Aside from the glitz, glamour and star-gazing, the best things about attending an entertainment industry events are the free drinks and food!  On June 12th, industry mogul Kevin Liles hosted a few NY Giants, Jermaine Dupri, rap legend D-Nice, Kid Capri, baller Dahntay Jones and his lovely Valeisha Butterfield at Jay Z‘s hip and popular [...]

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OREO COOKIES – Just Like Crack!

New research suggests that The Oreo Cookie is just as addictive as cocaine!

A recent study from Connecticut College has revealed that Oreo Cookies may be just as addictive as cocaine. When tested with lab mice, the study deduced that the mice were just as drawn to the Oreo Cookie as they were to cocaine and morphine!  Apparently, the cookie released MORE neurons in the their brains’ “pleasure [...]

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Pop star Katy Perry’s POP CHIPS campaign  is taking over kiosks throughout New York City to remind people that they shouldn’t feel guilty about snack cravings!  From what I hear, Katy Perry discovered her love for Pop Chips last year, and has been a fan and face of the brand ever since.  Whether she’s creating her signature flavor, [...]

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THE SUITE LIFE – What The Spectators Ate While SERENA & RAFAEL Kicked Ass @ The US OPEN


Tennis is a sophisticated sport.  And while superstars Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal kicked some major butt at the US Open recently, it was the high paying spectators with prime seats who also proved to be winners, observing the intense matches over free-flowing spirits and worldly foods meant for royalty. If lucky to score suite [...]

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CVS RANCH PRETZEL BITES – A Bag of Sheer Satisfaction!

Ranch Pretzel Bites

It’s rare for me to stop into CVS and pick up anything more than bottled water and perhaps some toiletries or household goods, but the other day I strolled by the food aisle and the glossy mint green packaging photographed above called my name!  I purchased a bag, turned on some Judge Judy, and before [...]

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Shrimp Nachos & Fish Tacos @ The TEQUILA PARK TAQUERIA, NYC

The best Shrimp Nachos ever!

The other night I stopped by New York’s still-trendy HUDSON HOTEL located at 356 West 58th Street to take in some music and lounge on their lanai.  Some friends hooked me up with some grub from the outdoor restaurant TEQUILA PARK TAQUERIA located behind the check-in counter on the hotel’s patio lounge. We started with shrimp nachos!  The [...]

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WINGS & THINGS – Poolside Snacks @ The EDEN ROC Hotel, Miami

Barbecue Wings at the Cabana Beach Clube

Miami’s timeless EDEN ROC HOTEL will always have a special place in my heart!  Not only has it hosted Hollywood greats such as Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart and Lucille Ball, it was also the very FIRST hotel I stayed at when I first visited Miami back in 2000!  I fell in love with Miami so much, that [...]

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I Think I’ll Pass On GOYA’S TOSTONES!

Goya Tostones

Since dining at Sofrito recently, my craving for fried plantains, also known in the Dominican & Puerto Rican communities as Tostones, has been plaguing me!  So much so, when I came across the GOYA Tostones in my grocer’s freezer, I knew I had to scoop up a box and try these at home. The directions [...]

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