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Healthy Snacking & A Juicy Summer Burger Recipe with CALIFORNIA DRIED PLUMS

California Dried Plums

Dried plums, also known as Prunes, are one of the world’s most underrated fruits, yet they make for an amazing snack and recipe ingredient!  I was sent a case of CALIFORNIA DRIED PLUMS to use in a burger recipe, but the packages were so easy to open, travel with and share, I ended up devouring [...]

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Friday’s Fruit: 10 Great Health Benefits of Eating CHERRIES!!!


Now is the time to indulge in CHERRIES!  This is the prime season for this underrated, sweet, rich, and plump fruit that is juicy and always full of flavor!  Whether you prefer shopping at Farmer’s Markets or the supermarket, cherries are everywhere, and there is no better time than now to binge on these healthy [...]

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Fried Yellow Tomatoes

Don’t know if you’ve noticed how often I’ve covered Fried Green Tomatoes, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE tomatoes!  Ask any nutritionist or health expert, and they will tell you that tomatoes are one of the best and most healthiest things you can eat!  I try to incorporate tomatoes into my daily diet, whether I [...]

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Friday’s Fruit: V8 JUICE – Is It Good For You?

The Original V8 Vegetable Juice

Last time I visited DC, my grandmother gave me a can of V8 JUICE!  As a kid, I used to hate the thought of tomato or any kind of vegetable juice, but as an adult, I’ve grown to love V8 Juice because when I drink it, I feel like it’s a great vegetable and fruit [...]

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JULY – National BLUEBERRY Month, PLUS How Actress MALINDA WILLIAMS eats them!!!

BLUEBERRIES!!!!  This is how actress Malinda Williams eats them

July is National Blueberry Month!  I love blueberries for their sweetness, their easiness and their goodness!  I eat them plain first thing in the morning, or throw them with some yogurt and honey and they are delicious!  This month is when the blueberry is supposed to be the best season for picking or shopping at [...]

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Friday’s Fruit: PEARS & HONEY!!!

Sliced pear with drizzled honey

I have to be honest with you.  As much as I love my fruits and veggies, I am not a fan of apples.  They are too bitter and crisp for my tastes, so although I do eat them, if I have a choice, I’d much rather eat a pear! Pears are soft, sweet and buttery [...]

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FRIDAY’S FRUIT – The Joys of Strawberries!!!


I LOVE strawberries and now is the perfect season to stock up on this treasured treat!  It’s a daily ritual for me to have a piece of fruit as soon as I wake up.  This morning I reached for a bowl of plump and juicy strawberries.  Those that know me are already aware of my [...]

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Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice from CUSHMAN’S HONEYBELLS!!!

Homemade Fresh Squeezed OJ

My Aunt Jean is so thoughtful.  Seasonally, she sends me the best fruit deliveries from Cushman’s Honeybells – which are the freshest, juiciest and sweetest oranges ever!  Most are seedless and they make for the best healthy treat!  The website is, and their description of Honeybell Oranges is the only way to describe them: [...]

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Spinach Quiche at CAFE LALO – An Upper West Side Gem


Ask any true New Yorker, and they’ll agree that although the posh Upper West Side may offer some of the best luxury living the city has to offer, it also serves as one of the worst restaurant districts in the mega metropolis.  I mean let’s face it, rarely anyone treks all the way to the [...]

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Room Service Lunch at The Gansevoort Park Avenue, NYC


Sometimes the pressures and stress of life get the best of me and I have to do a mini escape!  Such was the case this morning.  I woke up and felt completely overwhelmed.  I hit the gym, conducted a few biz calls and packed up the Louis duffle and booked it downtown to the Gansevoort [...]

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