More Than 80 BOSTON COLLEGE Students SICK After Eating CHIPOTLE

Chipotle in Cleveland Circle has temporarily closed since more than 80 Boston College students fell ill after eating their dreadful food.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Just weeks after suffering a national e-coli PR crisis, burrito chain CHIPOTLE is back in the headlines, this time for infecting more than eighty students from my own alma mater Boston College with the Norovirus. While Massachusetts officials are investigating this new Chipotle outbreak, Chipotle has temporarily closed their Cleveland Circle location […]

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What Happened to ORGANIC AVENUE??? Popular NYC Juice Chain Closes Its Doors!


It is with a heavy heart to report that my beloved ORGANIC AVENUE is no more.  It was just moments ago I learned the devastating news as I headed to their Park Avenue South location (which just opened earlier this year) to pick up my beet juice lunch only to find the sign below taped […]

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