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Huevos Rancheros

Although I’m not vegetarian, I stopped by the THE ORGANIC GRILL on the Lower East Side for a business meeting recently and fell in love with their healthy and organic cuisine! Located at 123 First Avenue, I started with the Organic Grill’s seasonal pumpkin soup that was delicious, and ended with Huevos Rancheros and thought [...]

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Bantem Bagels!!!

While non-foodies are just discovering the Cronut… NY foodies have an advantage to the newest breakfast food to hit the market – BANTAM BAGELS – and you can get a FREE one this Friday! OWL’S BEW and BANTEM BAGELS are working together to create a Halloween hangover friendly event for New York locals this FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1st. [...]

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ART & SOUL – Washington DC’s BEST BREAKFAST Ever!

Art & Soul

There is a reason why Oprah Winfrey had Art Smith cooking up meals in her personal kitchen for years, and if you live in or visit Washington DC, you too can get a taste the super star chef’s succulent southern recipes at ART & SOUL. During a recent stay at The Liaison Hotel, where Art [...]

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3 Fun Ways To Use HOT SAUCE All Day Long!!!

Saas Hot Sauce

Spice up your next breakfast by throwing some hot sauce on your eggs!  Not only do the yellow eggs and the red sauce make for a beautiful color combination, but the explosive taste will also blow your mind!  Hot sauce on eggs makes for a great way to jump start your morning with ease and [...]

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Room Service Breakfast, Washington DC


I’d tell you where this is from, but I don’t want you stalking me!  HAPPY MONDAY!  Be inspired! BJC.

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AROMA BAKERY & CAFE – Runyon Canyon’s Antidote

Aroma Cafe

Ask anyone fit in LA (practically everyone), and they will tell you that RUNYON CANYON is more than a glamorous park in the Hollywood Hills, but a strenuous and adventurous hike whose tallest peak is approximately 1320 feet hot bodies gather daily to walk their dogs unleashed, flirt at the pinnacle or simply run to [...]

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Breakfast at BOND 45, NYC

Oatmeal with my personally added Flaxseed

There’s nothing like rising in the morning, pulling back for a deep stretch and filling the stomach with something warm, tasty and delicious!  Yes, breakfast can be indeed be the best meal of the day.  Experts have long said that starting the day off with a healthy and well-rounded breakfast is key to daily maintenance [...]

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A Bagel Breakfast from EINSTEIN BROS. BAGELS, Washington DC


Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport Terminal B offers a copious amount of food and snack options.  There’s McDonald’s, Auntie Anne’s, Tidewater Landing restaurant, and more.  But before my recent early morning flight back to NYC, I stopped by EINSTEIN BROS. BAGELS and ordered the Tasty Turkey breakfast sandwich. Served on an asiago bagel, the sandwich [...]

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Yes, I Know You Wish You Were Married To Me! #BREAKFAST

Eggs, Bacon & Avocado

A homemade Post-Oscar breakfast… So healthy, and so good… I know you wish you were married to me! BJC.

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Poolside Snacks & Sushi @ The HYATT REGENCY, Trinidad & Tobago

Chicken Sausage Hot Dog

If you follow me on Instagram (@burgersandbourbon) then you already know that I’ve been in Trinidad & Tobago for the past few days, soaking up the sun, enjoying the Carnival festivities, and lapping up some paradise in the heart of the Caribbean!  And when I was not out partying or meeting government officials with celebrities, [...]

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