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AMERICAN AIR Packages Up Its NUTS As First Class Falls Prey To THE STRUGGLE!

American Bag of Nuts

Of course, during my recent trip to Miami, I relied on the awesome American Airlines for a comfortable and safe trip, however to my own detriment, the struggle that is plaguing the airline industry has effectively began it’s own gnawing of the exclusive perks of flying first class, and I was left befuddled and hungry during my [...]

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Dining with MARY J. BLIGE on AMERICAN AIRLINES Flight #32 – KINDA…

AA Pasta Duo

I have dined with superstar MARY J. BLIGE a few times – on yachts in St. Barth’s, and even Philippe in Manhattan!  But yesterday was kind of different when I barely made my 2:05pm flight out of LAX only to spot the living legend occupying seat 1A on American Airlines‘ flight #32. I grabbed my seat [...]

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A Bagel Breakfast from EINSTEIN BROS. BAGELS, Washington DC


Washington DC’s Reagan National Airport Terminal B offers a copious amount of food and snack options.  There’s McDonald’s, Auntie Anne’s, Tidewater Landing restaurant, and more.  But before my recent early morning flight back to NYC, I stopped by EINSTEIN BROS. BAGELS and ordered the Tasty Turkey breakfast sandwich. Served on an asiago bagel, the sandwich [...]

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THE BISCOFF COOKIE: The Best Thing About Flying DELTA!

Delta Biscoff Cookie

Sure, DELTA Airlines may leave you at the airport stranded for hours and may even lose your luggage, but if you can risk the unsatisfactory attention to travelers, once on board, Delta really isn’t that bad.  Ample leg room, updated and clean aircrafts, and free snacks in coach can at least make the Delta Shuttle (Boston [...]

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Dinner on Caribbean Air

Being a frequent jet setter has offered me special perks with particular airlines… Free baggage checks, priority access, upgrades, and VIP treatment that makes traveling fun and easy!  Business and First class travel are the best, not only because of the extra leg room and champagne, but if on a long enough flight, full meals [...]

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T.G.I.FRIDAY’S – Fried Green Beans, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Sandwiches & Burgers!


  If you live in the United States, whether you want to admit it or not, chances are you have dined at a T.G.I.FRIDAY’S.  The uncomplicated American chain has become a cultural staple with affordable signature cocktails, comforting fried foods and lively pub-like experience where “it’s always Friday!”  Known for Jack Daniels entrees, deluxe sandwiches, [...]

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CONCH FRITTERS at ISLANDER BAR & GRILL, Terminal D, Miami Int’l Airport

Conch Fritters!!!!

I LOVE CONCH FRITTERS!!!  I love them so much, I have even posted an online video about my favorite Caribbean treat!  Made from the sea shell of conch, the fritters make for amazing appetizers and/or snacks!  This is not my first time posting about this comforting Bahamian dish, and it certainly won’t be the last. [...]

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A TASTEE Beef Patty, Kingston, JAMAICA

A Tastee Beef Patty

Upon touchdown at Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport last week, my family and I knew we had to stop somewhere for the best patties, jerk chicken and other caribbean classic dishes to satisfy our instinctive longing for some Jamaican spices and cuisine!  We had heard about Juici patties, but our driver suggested TASTEE, and after [...]

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A 1st Class Breakfast on AMERICAN AIRLINES, Flight 2416

AA Quiche

This past Saturday, I flew back to NYC on American Airlines flight 2416 with a layover at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.  Instead of loading up on unwanted calories from the Burger King in LAX‘s American Airlines terminal, I decided I’d stay awake on the 730am 757 flight to check out their breakfast. I’m always up for something rich, [...]

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American Airlines’ Flight 2041 FIRST CLASS MEAL

Chicken Quesadilla on American Airlines

Hopefully, by now you already now my preferred and official carrier is American Airlines!  Although I find their planes to be a bit dated, I just love their VIP service!  It really is unlike any other! Anyway, I flew down to Miami last Friday on Flight 2041 from JFK and was so happy I didn’t [...]

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