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Eat Like A Celebrity with VIKI’S GRANOLA


Wanna try eating like a celebrity?  If so, that means a diet loaded with fruits, vegetables and high protein.  But just like the rest of us, celebrities love to indulge, and when on a strict diet, granola becomes a major  go-to for anyone trying to be healthy and satisfy that familiar longing for something sweet, [...]

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Where To Eat In Jamaica: JUICI PATTIES

A beef patty from Juici Patties

If you know Jamaican food, then you have experienced the joy and comforts offered in the simplicity of a patty.  If you’ve traveled to the Caribbean island itself, then you already know that it is nearly impossible to visit without indulging in one of the authentic crispy pastries often filled with piping hot, delicious, seasoned [...]

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What 200 Calories REALLY Looks Like!!!


My sister sent me this APLUS link that show the significant difference between foods and their calorie amounts… I thought this was food for thought – literally.  A fun and interesting take on food, enjoy this list for a moment and check out the differences in sizes and portions of the “good” foods versus the [...]

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Snacking on KETTLE BRAND’S Sweet Chili Garlic Potato Chips

Kettle Sweet Chili Garlic

I love, Love, LOVE these chips!  I tore a whole bag up watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and knew I wanted to share with you as one of my new favorite snacks… While I don’t do potato chips that often, I found KETTLE BRAND’S Sweet Chili Garlic Chips to be outstanding!  With the [...]

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President Barack Obama tweeted this photo yesterday of him choosing popcorn on National Popcorn Day!

US President Barack Obama tweeted the photo above yesterday in celebration of NATIONAL POPCORN DAY which was celebrated yesterday, Sunday, January 19th!  The president tweeted the photo with the caption asking, “What’s your favorite flavor?” There’s so many things you can do with popcorn, I hope you spent some time celebrating this healthy and delicious [...]

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Pop star Katy Perry’s POP CHIPS campaign  is taking over kiosks throughout New York City to remind people that they shouldn’t feel guilty about snack cravings!  From what I hear, Katy Perry discovered her love for Pop Chips last year, and has been a fan and face of the brand ever since.  Whether she’s creating her signature flavor, [...]

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3 Fun Ways To Use HOT SAUCE All Day Long!!!

Saas Hot Sauce

Spice up your next breakfast by throwing some hot sauce on your eggs!  Not only do the yellow eggs and the red sauce make for a beautiful color combination, but the explosive taste will also blow your mind!  Hot sauce on eggs makes for a great way to jump start your morning with ease and [...]

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TIM’S CHIPS – Meet the Potatoes You SHOULD Be Cheating With!


I arrived in Los Angeles last night and stopped by a friends house only to discover a new bag of chips I had never heard of before.  ”Yeah, those are from Washington,” my well-informed colleague coyly noted.  Kettle-cooked, thick, crunchy, and loaded with flavor, TIM’S CASCADE SNACKS are officially my new favorite potato chip!  Before [...]

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GET FIT & STAY HEALTHY: 3 Protein Bars to Replace Your Favorite Snacks!

ISatori Eat Smart Cinnabon Bar

Oh, how easy it is to get in an hour worth of exercise a day to get fit and stay healthy, but it’s what you do with your diet during the next 23 hours that will really help you maintain and see differences in your body!  And while we all love to splurge on greasy [...]

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Get HEALTHY All Summer Long with SEAWEED!!!

Sea Crunchy Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed isn’t just for wrapping up sushi anymore.  Call it a trend, call it a more conscious society, but seaweed is popping up everywhere these days on menus, in grocery aisles, and tables across the country for its distinct taste and major health benefits. A staple in Asian cuisine, seaweed is now all the rage [...]

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