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Healthy Snacking & A Juicy Summer Burger Recipe with CALIFORNIA DRIED PLUMS

California Dried Plums

Dried plums, also known as Prunes, are one of the world’s most underrated fruits, yet they make for an amazing snack and recipe ingredient!  I was sent a case of CALIFORNIA DRIED PLUMS to use in a burger recipe, but the packages were so easy to open, travel with and share, I ended up devouring [...]

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Ole Smoky

As consumers, often we overlook those intricate product details that manufacturers and marketing teams spend countless hours to develop in the hope that we buy into their brand and become lifelong users.  But it is those seemingly minute elements of appeal that show up in packaging, quality, and value that actually induce our purchase and [...]

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The Texas Toast Manwich

As an entrepreneur, I usually find that the end of the month usually means I’m low on funds, and when I’m not dining out, I often have to rely on my own creative genius to whip up something in the kitchen to take to the office for lunch or to chow down on during American [...]

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Ease Your Way to Thin with My CUCUMBER SALAD Recipe!


It’s a new year, how about a new you?  As we all gear up for a hopeful new year, many of us are hitting the gym and re-thinking our diets.  As someone who likes to indulge in eating greasy and fattening foods, if you read this blog regularly, you already know, in order to maintain [...]

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PUMPKIN FRITTERS and Trick or Treat MAC & CHEESE Backstage at THE CHEW, NYC

Trick or Treat Mac & Cheese

With Halloween right around the corner, I would be remiss in not posting something for those who celebrate my least favorite holiday.  And with help from ABC’s talk show THE CHEW, I am able to share with you some pretty amazing recipes and ideas for festive dining this October! Actress Vivica Fox, a Coleman Entertainment [...]

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Fried Yellow Tomatoes

Don’t know if you’ve noticed how often I’ve covered Fried Green Tomatoes, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE tomatoes!  Ask any nutritionist or health expert, and they will tell you that tomatoes are one of the best and most healthiest things you can eat!  I try to incorporate tomatoes into my daily diet, whether I [...]

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ANGEL HAIR CARBONARA – My Personal Recipe!!!

Angel Hair Carbonara

Last night I prepared an easy and glorious dinner at home – Angel Hair Carbonara!  For those that are unfamiliar, Carbonara pasta is a mid 20th century Italian dish that is prepared with some kind of pasta (spaghetti, rigatoni, fettucini, etc) and is tossed with egg, pancetta, cheese and black pepper.  It’s a pretty simple [...]

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Knorr’s CREAMY CHICKEN Pasta Side

Knorr's Creamy Chicken Pasta Side

You’ve seen them, I’ve seen them, we have all seen them in the pasta and cracker aisles of our local grocery store – the inexpensive color paper-bagged seasoned rice or pasta by the KNORR brand.  The other night while perusing through the supermarket I stumbled upon the Knorr Pasta Sides and grabbed their Creamy Chicken [...]

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Steak & Eggs Using the OMAHA STEAKS Cooking Chart

Homemade Steak & Eggs

Happy Memorial Day!  I know some of you may be grilling up some steaks today, so I thought I’d share the OMAHA STEAKS COOKING CHART with you in case you are ditching Meatless Monday and hitting up the grill on your day off! My Aunt Jean sent me the best box of goodies from OMAHA [...]

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President Obama Shares Personal Chili Recipe!!!

Obama Family Chili Recipe

For those that didn’t know President Obama is hip to the game!  Of course he has a twitter account, and now the president of the USA has joined PINTREST, a new social media tool I have yet to understand or join… But I’ve hear about it and am fully aware it’s all the rage.  I [...]

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