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Carla & I pose backstage at Good Morning America
Chef Carla Hall & I pose backstage at Good Morning America…

Like many of you, I first became enamored with Carla Hall‘s flamboyant personality and distinct cooking skills on Bravo’s hit cooking competition reality series Top Chef!  Her signature glasses and infectious whooping made her a standout from the rest, and the current Washington DC resident is now president of her own catering company, ALCHEMY BY CARLA HALL and is one of five hosts on ABC’s The Chew!  I met the delightful television personality yesterday at Good Morning America and am now an even bigger fan of the boisterous chef!

Alchemy by Carla Hall
Alchemy by Carla Hall
Alchemy's Petite Cookies
Alchemy’s Petite Cookies on GMA’s set

There to promote her petite ALCHEMY cookies, The Chew and everything else she’s involved in, Carla offered her the Alchemy Petite Cookies at discount prices for GMA’s viewers during the show’s Deals & Steals special segment!  Upon meeting her backstage, Carla was just as warm and friendly as she comes across on TV… She gave me a see-thru mini-cylinder box of petite shortbread cookies, and I tore them up last night after dinner!

At $8 a box and only 7-10 calories per bite, Carla’s petite cookies are perfect for dieting when you still want to treat yourself, serving up for house guests, or just indulging in front of the television!  The Lemon Black Pepper shortbreads were deliciously sweet and spicy!  There’s also chocolate chip, oatmeal, pecan and almond ginger cookies!  Check out Carla’s Alchemy site by clicking the links above, and you’ll find yourself in her world of “Cooking with Love” that is available for you to try in both large and small combo packages, granola, fruits and nuts – all on her fabulous and well-developed site of cookies and sweets!

Lemon Black Pepper Shortbread Cookies
Lemon Black Pepper Shortbread Cookies
Petite Cookies are 7-10 calories per bite!
Petite Cookies are 7-10 calories per bite!

As I’ve mentioned before it’s always satisfying to meet someone you admire in person and find they are just as friendly as you had hoped… Such was the case with Carla Hall!  Not only did I get to meet one of my new favorite chefs, but I also got to try her delicious sugary confections and heathy treat options that make for great personal goodies or an awesome alternative for gifting to someone special!  I’ve already ordered a “Large Bundle of Love” and was already a Carla Hall fan, now I’m hooked on Alchemy and those petite cookies are my new favorite treats!!  Get some!




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2 comments to “CARLA HALL’S ALCHEMY PETITE COOKIES – My New Favorite Treat!!!”

  • Carla Hall, March 15, 2013 at 8:55 am
    I get so giddy when folks like something that I've worked so hard on. Thanks BJ for taking the time to not only taste our petite bites of love, but write about them. HUGS, Carla
    • bjcoleman, March 15, 2013 at 11:47 am
      OMG! @Carla, the fact that you have stopped by my blog just brightens my day! Your cookies are divine! You've got me hooked and have found a lifelong fan in me! :)