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Bean Farmer’s Soup, Pork Belly, Kale, & A Club Sandwich at SOHO HOUSE, NYC

Green Tea
Green Tea

The SOHO HOUSE is a sophisticated private members club and hotel located in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking district.  The six-floor old warehouse now features a restaurant, a club lounge, a theater, luxe hotel room and the city’s only public rooftop pool!  Started in London in 1995, the Soho House was created as a haven and networking space for the world’s most influential in film, media and other creative industries, and now has locations throughout Europe and the US.  With a membership fee that costs more than $1000 a year, the selection process is long and intense – too much for me to bother or endure.  Besides, I’ve been able to dine, attend private screenings, lap it up in the pool, and party at the Soho House thanks to my friends or business associates who are members of the posh establishment.   Even last year, I covered lunch at Cecconi’s, the restaurant located in The Soho House Miami.

The lure at the Soho House is pretentious, the staff isn’t too friendly and getting in without membership or member approval is practically impossible.  But once inside, the Soho House is consistent with luxe amenities, lavish decor, clean facilities and eye candy galore.  Rich beautiful people mix and mingle by the pool, indulge at the spas, work from the lounge and hole up in the bedrooms!  If you don’t mind being snubbed at practically every turn, then the Soho House is for you.  Perhaps you remember the famous scene in Sex & The City where Samantha get kicked out for stealing a member’s card?

Bean Farmer's Soup at The Soho House
Bean Farmer’s Soup at The Soho House

I stopped in the Soho House the other day and grabbed a table on the 5th Floor restaurant, and was just about to get kicked out of my seat when my business companion arrived and kept things calm.  Skinny Europeans in skinny jeans crammed in the nearby booths and laptops were up at practically every table – so many Macs, in fact, the 5th floor looked more like an amped up Apple Store than a private dining space.

I started off with the green tea, served in a silver pot, and the deluxe presentation reminded me what life at the Soho House is all about.

The Bean Farmers Soup was delicious.  Hearty and soupy, red and cannellini beans blended beautifully with the diced carrots, onions and herbs in the body-warming broth.  At $6 a bowl, I loved this soup!

Pork Belly, cavolo nero
Pork Belly, cavolo nero

The pork belly appetizer was only $8 but I ordered it as a meal and it was more than sufficient!  Two thick tender juicy slices of pork looked more boneless ribs atop a bed of fresh black leaf kale greens (aka cavolo nero).  The rich dish was sweet and savory.

The NY menu is similar to Miami’s Cecconi’s – there’s grilled octopus, meatballs, lamb, empanadas, pastas, chicken, steaks and salads!  The House Club Sandwich is served on toasted slices of thick white bread that squeeze together fresh grilled chicken breast, thick cut bacon, and vibrant lettuce and tomatoes.

Soho House Club Sandwich
Soho House Club Sandwich

It’s all about private luxury at the Soho House and the meals are just as decadent as the spa and everything else the meeting place has to offer.  And while I personally choose not to apply for membership, I cannot lie, I do always have a good time when I visit one of their many locations.  It’s an entertainment industry staple, and if you’re lucky enough get pass the welcome desk as a member or a guest, with fabulous amenities meant for today’s hottest celebrities, you too, can feel like a star at the swanky Soho House.






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