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Thank you for checking out my food and restaurant blog!  Burgers and Bourbon with BJ Coleman is dedicated to all the true “foodies” out there – those of you, who, like me, aren’t afraid to take dining risks, but also relish in the unparalleled joy of flavorful food, scrumptious recipes, and lavish meals.


Ted's Montana Grill Bison Ribeye Dinner ... TED'S MONTANA GRILL is a steakhouse with 46 restaurants nationwide, serving time-honored American favorites in an atmosphere inspired by the hospitality, food and spirit of the Old West, and it doesn't get more old west with menu items like Bison (which is buffalo meat

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Did You Know? ROSCOE’S Waffles In Your Grocer’s Freezer!!!

The World Famous Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles have boxed up their waffles and made them available in the grocery store! While I traditionally turn to Eggo's or Aunt Jemima's Blueberry waffles, if I ever find my beloved ROSCOE'S Waffles in my grocer's freezer, I will gladly abandon my blueberry addiction,

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Escargot & Truffle Fries @ The HOTEL MONACO, DC

Escargot & Fries at The Hotel Monaco in Washington DC ... A recent stay in Washington DC found me lapping up in luxury at THE HOTEL MONACO.  A historic former government building, the Monaco's vast halls, comfy rooms, chic and contemporary decor, and adjacent fusion French restaurant where pork belly,

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AUNT JEMIMA’S Family SUES Pepsi & Quaker Oats for $2 BILLION!!!

  Aunt Jemima Heirs are gearing up for major lawsuit against Pepsi & Quaker Oats! If this is true, then the ehirs of AUNT JEMIMA should get their money!  I found this interesting article from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE D.W. Hunter, the great grandson of Anna Short Harrington, the woman who

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  Fried Garlic Knots from Brooklyn's ROSCO'S Pizza Beer & Wine ... I've written about ROSCO's Pizza Beer & Wine in Brooklyn before.  Oversized signature borough slices, uber fresh ingredients, and sensational flavor made Rosco's my favorite spot in Brooklyn for easy pizza and authentic Italian fare.  A small pizzeria

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